Contestants in International Falafel Award 2018

The contestants are set for International Falafel Award 2018. The restaurants will compete 16th of June in Malmö at Falafelfestivalen venue. The specific time they will go on and compete is listed below.

Semi-final 1: (9.30-10.30 GMT+1)
– Falafel Street Food (Malmö, Sweden)
– Faour (Aarhus, Denmark)
– Falafel Factory (Copenhagen, Denmark)
– Babylon Grill (Malmö, Sweden)
– Sofra (Malmö, Sweden)

Semi-final 2: (11.30-12.30 GMT+1)
– Toppgrillen1 (Malmö, Sweden)
– Falloumi (Stockholm, Sweden)
– Nordisk Falafel (Copenhagen, Denmark)
– Campus Kebab (Malmö, Sweden)
– Shawarma City X (Malmö, Sweden)

Semi-final 3: (14.00-15.00 GMT+1)
– Gold Falafel (Osaka, Japan)
– Falafel by Youssif (Malmö, Sweden)
– Falafel Kungen (Malmö, Sweden)
– Jalla Jalla (Malmö, Sweden)
– Ahaaa Arabic Cuisine (Copenhagen, Denmark)


The winners will be presented on stage 16.00 GMT+1 at the venue.