Jury of International Falafel Award 2019

Get to know the judges of International Falafel Award 2019:

Yusef Houji

Winner of International Falafel Award 2018 and owner of Nordisk Falafel

Yusef Houji, a biomedical laboratory scientist who decided to go for his passion for falafel and open a falafel shop in the heart of the Copenhagen borough Østerbro. My main intention by opening my shop is that to revolutionize the falafel industry by introducing customers for gourmet falafel, with affordable prices. I used my technical background to create falafels by experimenting with different kind of organic chickpeas.

Frida Nilsson

Head chef at MJ’S

Frida Nilsson is born and raised outside Malmö on the countryside, during 2019 she was awarded Rising Star by White Guide and Female chef  of the year by Stellagalan. She always have had a lot of love for food and produce and she focus on vegetables in her cooking. When you don’t find her behind the pots at MJ’S Hotel where she works as a head chef you probably will find her around Malmö searching for her favorite Falafel, which is her go-to food outside work.

Julia Tuvesson

Author & food blogger

Meet Julia Tuvesson! Author of two vegetarian cookbooks; Käka Grönt! and Plåtmat, falafel lover, ethnologist and the person behind the award winning food blog and Instagram account @tuvessonskan. She is also the founder of the Facebook foodie communities Malmöfoodisar, Sthlmfoodisar and Gbgfoodisar.

Tomas Gustafsson

Chef and owner of Lokal 17 and Pembert & Gustafsson

Tomas Gustafsson is an owner of Lokal17 and Pembert & Gustafsson. He have been been a long-time chef and have been competing in the Olympics and World Championship with Skåne Kulinar. Tomas is also educated in WACS judge training. Tomas is also a big fan of falafel, and praises Malmö for both the classic wraps to the innovative ones with unique flavors and textures.